About this Website

This web site belongs to the Clay Countians Against Wind Farms community, which is a community organization which seeks to maintain the integrity, history and land values of Clay County and to preserve its aesthetic, cultural, heritage and recreational values for the benefit of future generations.

The Clay Countians Against Wind Farms community is dedicated to keeping Clay County wind farm free. If you believe windfarms are a good idea or simply do not know much about them then we challenge you to read these web pages with an open mind.

Eminent Domain Meeting – Monday, December 5, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.

Midwestern State University, Dillard College of Business (Room 101) in Wichita Falls

As a landowner, your private property rights should be defended at all costs; and we are fortunate to have groups such as Texans for Property Rights and the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers leading that charge.  Clay County landowners’ private property rights are being attacked by the wind farm developers.  We respect other landowners’ rights to conduct operations on their land as they see fit; however, we want to stand strong against the ceding of our property rights through eminent domain to the power lines and substation infrastructure that follow wind farms.  Even though a proposed wind farm might be miles from your property, you are still at risk of having power lines run across your property to connect to the power grid, which will surely devalue your most precious asset. Attend the meeting December 5th at 6:00 p.m. in Wichita Falls to learn about upcoming legislative efforts to achieve fairness in the laws that govern the use of eminent domain in Texas. Stand strong against eminent domain.

If you read nothing else, watch this video. It was shot in Canada with real people dealing with the wind turbine issues. You can put a name from Clay County on each person.

Why We Are Against Wind Farms in Clay County

Browse these pages and you will find out why we are against wind farms in Clay County, Texas. We’ve provided white papers, links and personal testimonies of why wind farms are terrible for the community, neighbors, environment, wildlife, wildlife migration, human health, land values, home values and the electrical grid. We’ve also provided renderings of height comparisons of the wind turbines to other structures to give you an idea of the massive size of these projects and the permanent damage to the land, neighbors and surrounding communities.