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      First of all I am “not” for the wind farms at all and I really don’t care for them here in Clay county. Yes, I am a home owner and my place is paid for in full.
      What I don’t like is the “out right lies” on this web site. I am a retired electrical engineer and I have been to several wind farms in the past. First of all the wind mills are NOT 400 ft. tall, that is an out right LIE. The towers are only 100 ft. to the center of the rotating head mounted on top of the tower. The rotating blades are only 65 ft. long. That means that the over all height is only 165 ft. tall, when one of the blades is straight up above the tower and if you can add, then you will see that the towers and blades combined are LESS than 200 ft. tall “NOT” 400 ft. as someone, (or the owners of this web site) are claiming. “So”, because of the lies on this web site, if this thing ever comes to a public vote, I am going to vote in favor of the wind farms and I hope that they stand up 50 or more of the towers.
      Randy Cline
      Petrolia, Tx.

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